‘Bea’ and Holly

After a two and a half hour drive and McDonalds breakfast I arrived at Elli Cassidy’s gorgeous studio Near Louth, Lincoln. With a friendly smile she greeted me and my amazing day commenced. We were lucky enough to be able to work with two gorgeous little ladies, sleepy Holly and curious ‘Bea’ (who’s name has not officially been decided yet). These two little ladies happen to be cousins and born just two days apart! We started the day by by covering the essential greeting clients and settling the babies, then got straight into bean bag poses with beautiful Holly. In this bespoke 1:1 training session we covered safety, spotting and ensuring circulation got to all the little fingers and toes. Looking at poses and ways of wrapping. We then moved onto pretty little ‘Bea’ who was far too interested in what we were doing to fall asleep and captured these stunning awake shots that ooze character 🙂 Elli cast her expert eye over my recent work and advised be what I could tweak and then wrote a very long dream list of things i would love to get to expand the world of Little Hat!

HOLLY_2296 BEA_2271 HOLLY_2312 BEA_2334 HOLLY_2319 BEA_2261 HOLLY_2248

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