Sienna & Isla

Photography is such an accessibly medium, everyone has a camera on their person at all times built into their phone. So what makes me stand out a little bit, over the past year i have been working hard and training with international and national award winning newborn photographers to continuously improve myself, i feel it is important to work with as many photographers as possible to learn, refine and better yourself. It retains good practice across your peers and also if you’re trying a new pose, such as I did here, It is safest to do it with an extra pair of hands who have done it before…. This is where my collaboration with Emma from Olivia Rose Studio was born, our mission to conquer the ‘Taco’ pose….

Queue a model call, I had an unbelievably gorgeous family who had just welcomed baby Sienna to their family. It was a pleasure to capture these treasured memories for them. First image is the formidable pose, up can see why i want to perfect it, it is so so sweet.

Sienna 3 copy

Isla 1 copy

Sienna 4 copy


family 1 copy

Sienna 1 copy

Sienna & Isla 1 copy

Sienna 9 copy

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