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Its a really busy time after you’ve just had your baby, so many visitors, trying to feel normal again, adjusting to a new-found ability to ‘never’ need sleep…. then when you get a moment you get round to contacting your favourite local Photographer to get those gorgeous sleepy curled up pictures and your told your 4 week baby is too old! The more days that pass after you’ve had your beautiful baby, the more awake time you get, your baby starts to uncurl and like to lay straight and not all curled up snuggly in your arms. Your baby starts to become sensitive to light and touch too, this is so exciting as new parents but I’m my world this makes getting those ‘sleepy, curled up’ shots nearly impossible.



I often get asked to photograph newborns at week three or four and I explain it’s very unpredictable how the session will go, babies tend to start a growth spurt around this time developing cluster feeding habits plus theres the dreaded baby ache. All this makes it very hard to capture a full newborn gallery, I can still guarantee to get you lovely awake shots, parent and sibling shots and possibly a prop-shot but it is highly unlikely to get curly asleep images.



This is why i have decided to offer what I call a “Smiler Session.” These are perfect for babies anytime after 6 weeks and before baby can sit, when they’ve just started to smile and relax in this new world.

I though i’d show you Scarlett’s session, she had just turned 5 months at the time of her session, I love how much personality comes through in these <3.


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