As the clock approached midnight on NYE I sat there thinking about how you guys only see the tip of the iceberg interms of the images i capture for my clients each year. So business-wise my resolution was to blog FULL sessions every now and again to share the emotion and joy theses children have when the come to visit me. Personal resolution – to take a bit more ‘me’ time but I’m yet to share this with the rest of them yet 😉

So the story of when Laura met Jack started way back in February last year when i released a model call request over on my Facebook page when i had a playdate with a fellow photographer friend. Jacks mummy applied and he completely fit the bill, i mean as soon as I saw his head of hair how could i not need this boy in my life right?

Heres my favourite image we took of him during that newborn session ❤

Jack 3

Fast forward to November when Jack was quite comfortably sitting, his mummy booked him in for a follow up session called a sitter. Most people are not too sure as to what one of these are so here’s a brief explanation; when your little one starts to sit lots of awesomeness starts oozing out from them, the funniest expressions, oh the rolls in their legs and arms, dimples on the knuckles, the ability to behave like a contortionist…. For me its just the most wonderful time. I like to capture at the start of the session an optional family section, here’s Jack’s, I’m all about natural images and moments so no cringeworthyness here just raw love ❤

jack family blog

Next (and where i start if family pics are not wanted) i strip them down to one of your favourite vests, maximum leg roll capturing you see 😉 Sitter sessions are less styled by me and bring more of those personal bits in to enhance those memories when your old and grey flicking though your derelict phone showing the grandkids….

Jack vest blog

I can’t help myself and have to style a little during these sessions so i offer a selection of outfits for you to choose one from and then use some ability-appropriate prop choices then snap away, I have to admit i do love an escapologist (NORA)!!!

jack sitter prop blog

Now, the epic milk bath makes an appearance. MILK BATH you say?! FLOWERS?! haha well they are a truly fantastic sensory experience for your little one  (If they have an allergy we just use their milk supplement). The Milk is warm and all flowers are completely OK to consume  should they get a little overkeen (Isabelle i’m thinking of you if your mummy and daddy are reading this)! But just look at these images, i take so much care to give you the whole experience via pictures rather than the same image, slightly different expression type of gallery…

jack bath blog

Lastly, if your little one hasn’t been too over stimulated and is not yet ready for a mammoth sleep well, i just have to cover one last set up just to ensure theres a cuteness overload to your gallery and maximum sleep likelihood for you guys…..

Jack naked blog

I Hope you’ve enjoyed reading this and looking through Jacks pics, book your session right here

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