Venicia 2

Seriously, this was the BEST. DAY. EVER.  Not only for these families but for me too! When I mentioned to my friends Megan over at Megan Tears Photography and Joanne from Bluebell Photography both based on the base itself that one of my bucket list shoots was to document a military homecoming, Megan invited me along to hers where her and few families were being reunited with their guys after a six month deployment to the United Arab Emirates in support of on going operations in the Middle East.

From the moment we arrived at Vanecia’s I could feel the nervousness and excitement these families were feeling. Anxiously clock watching and checking in on arrivals updates whilst applying  last minute lashes and hair curling which inevitably dropped as it was blooming’ windy out by the hangers… it felt a lot like the build up in I witness when shooting bridal prep in terms of excitement switching anticipation!

It hit 13:45 and it was on, we piled in to cars and convoyed over to the hangers hope you enjoy my perspective of the start of Vanecia’s reunion I captured…. I like to call it ‘Anticipation in the friggin’  cold’ ❤blog 2




We grabbed a few waiting pics before the hanger started to fill up with friends and families of the 494th Fighter Squadron, the excitement and anticipation in the air was amazing, the crates of beer were coming out, the welcome home signs and balloons honestly do we not do this for our guys when they return? If not WHY!!!!

Venicia 9

blog 1

I love all the little details Vanecia put into Abey’s outfit and those booties!!!! This was before the temperature dropped a bit and the wind picked up. Love Megan so prepared with the snacks and this little trio of girls ❤

Venicia 10

Venicia 12

Venicia 13

Man it got cold at this point, moments before the squadron walked round the corner! This is where I left Vanecia’s story and Joanne carried it on, pop on over to her facebook page to THE moment they got their Jeff back ❤

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