Weird title right? I’m just not into posed pictures. If that is what you would like I’ll happily direct you to amazing photographers who shoot this style however its just no what floats my boat. I’ve learnt over the years that to produce the type of family artwork I love I have to feel what you do, put myself in your shoes and become your storyteller. I want you to see what I see.  If you book me you’ll find a gallery full of love, details and moments frozen in time where glancing at them will take your right back to the thoughts you were having when I took that shot. Take a look and judge for yourselves 🙂

As I shoot with natural light I embrace the freedom of loving shadows, it means I don’t have to worry about a 7ft umbrella getting in my way or being in the wrong position for THE shoot. I have loosened up on all the traditional lighting rules and just go with it, follow the fun I guess.

These guys had a real fun side and my attention definitely followed all the cheeky moments, I loved Jack’s personality so much and we really captured it for his parents. You can see Sophia is well and truly from the same pod right?

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