So Mothers day was a bit weird huh? How did you spend your last day of ‘freedom? We just chilled all day together. Did you know it’s the American Mothers day on 10th May? I thought I’d extend these sessions as vouchers if anyone was looking for gifts for their better half 😉

Here’s Hannah & Myla’s session, we just got it through before lockdown commenced. Aren’t they just adorable!

Hannah 6

Myla is just the spit of her beautiful mummy, she was the perfect mixture of inquisitiveness and darn right sass-monster. I love Hannah’s outfit choice, so pretty and summery and Myla is sporting a little something from the client wardrobe I have available to use.

Hannah 1

Hannah 35

I love getting all the details, not just the big show stoppers, just look at their bond! So natural.

Hannah 14

Hannah 33

Hannah 22

Hannah 17

If you would like to book your Mummy and me session via a voucher please pop along here, sessions will be scheduled as soon as restrictions are lifted.

Hannah 4



Oh it’s a different ball game now the weather has turned right? Well it is in my house. We’ve run out of steam to do schoolwork, there’s no flour to do baking, we’ve watched far too much Disney+ and we’ve eaten so many snacks its not a joke anymore.

We did this the other day in the garden when it was super hot but you can easily have this as an indoor activity.  All you need is a large window, double/king fitted white bedsheet, a camera and your kid(s)!

Harry & Molly 5lr

  • Lay your sheet on the floor length ways with the corners curled up at right angles to your window.
  • Sit your child(ten) on the sheet towards the front (where you are planning to sit and closest to the window)
  • Bring the far end of the sheet over your kids towards you and hook a corner over your head (like your enveloping them if that makes sense)?
  • get them to smile, tickle each other, lick each other whisper and you’ll get some gorgeous shots!


Molly 1lr

Harry & Molly 2lr



I’m genuinely not that big on my own birthday, it’s just another day but this year on 23rd March it was different, I really enjoyed it. Usually I end up spending the day as usual looking after a baby or toddler but this year surprised me how lovely it was to have all my family around me albeit they were forced to 😉

I feel so grateful we slipped Harry’s birthday celebrations through just before COVID-19 became a real thing in this country. I feel for every one of my little clients who are celebrating their birthdays right now.

Here’s a little celebration for my lockdown-birthday buddies from last years march/April sessions. Hope you have the best day, what are you doing to make it special? I’m looking forward to the day I see many of your little faces soon to celebrate 🙂


WALTER AKA CAM | ONEIMG_7613-Enhancedlr



JOSH | TWOIMG_2801lr




Did I miss anyone? Let me know and I’ll add you xx


I’ve been procrastinating, I’m sorry guys. I think it’s the thought of my editing pile getting smaller and smaller. I’ve never been at zero editing in my whole life! When I’m done,  then what? I’ll have no excuse but to do dreaded housework and risk becoming obsessed with meal prep and have a mission to become the next Marie Kondo or Stacie Solomon (Have you seen her gram)?!

I feel truly blessed that I get so many American clients through my doors as there is some SERIOUS talent within the bases around here yet they still come to me and for that I’m eternally thankful.

Zane 2

Zane 9

Zane’s session is what I call a lifestyle session, completely baby/child led. We capture them as if i’m spying on you guys at home so very natural pictures with real connections and play. Zane is just 7 months here, I cannot wait for his return for his birthday sessions.

They all love my vintage crib but Zane definitely found it the highlight of his playdate with me. FYI this was my actual crib when I was a baby! I get asked A LOT about where I get my amazing fitted cot sheets…. go check out Jasper & Juniper!

Zane 1

Zane 4

Zane 7

Yep, you’ve spied it, there’s a beautiful bedroom set up in these sessions  too! Zane’s outfit here is from my client wardrobe, how stinking cute does he look in that romper!

Zane 6


This is hands down my favourite time of the year, spring right through to Autumn…. I’m gutted that I’ve already missed the blossom and rapeseed fields but there’s so much more to come thank goodness. This session below was taken on the last day in September last year in glorious light and has to be my favourite location to date.

So what’s top of your list? After you’ve sampled your first Maccy D’s, gone to the pub and seen your friends and family, enjoyed some overdue babysitting offers and got your nails done what’s next? How are you going to really celebrate being back living in the social world? May was meant to be a huge month for us, we were finally getting married, sadly this will inevitably be postponed. May was also the month we were going to finally get the kids grandparents home after a long volunteering experience far away. When we are allowed, i’m grabbing my family and the in-laws and going to capture their reunion – they’ve been living abroad for the past 18 months and moved back to the UK five weeks ago and we haven’t been able to hug them yet! We’re going to celebrate being together again by meeting up at this gorgeous location and capture every moment. I’m so  thankful that we still have them around and fully intend to freeze this moment forever!

pic 9

pic 14

pic 12

pic 10

pic 13

pic 6

pic 3

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How are we all doing? When this new way of life started I was in panic mode. How was I going to cope with the kids around all the time, Kieron home all the time! No escape of going to work! No income! It was terrifying but after you accept it all lifespan’s pretty amazing.

Well after the first few weeks of adjustment – moving out of my office, giving up my computer to the littles, training the kids to be slightly more tidy and just enjoying the freedom of no where to be I’ve really started to love life!

I’m not sure I could deal without photography in my life and miss all my clients terribly but there are positives in having a mini gang at home. I have three little ‘volunteers’ all of my own so I’ve made it my mini daily mission for my own sanity and to capture this time to photograph them doing what they do best – being them.

If you fancy some ideas on things to photograph your little people then here’s a few topics to work with:


Day 18 11lr bw


Day 18 9lr


Day 23 1lrbw


Day 17lr


Day 22 6lr


Day 26 6lr

After giving up on trying to keep up with the whole home schooling business, we’ve had a lovely time just being us. Let’s see your quarantine pics at home!


So I set myself the challenge today to get just one shot of my toddler on my bed looking happy… d’you think I got it? Did I heck! She just wasn’t up for it…. I did get all her little details though which I was happy to settle for.

blog 1

I thought I shouldn’t push my luck with her after I got this cute pic of her, don’t want to wake the toddler beast within do I?

blog 2

Then my big-little girl popped in, She’s a different kettle of fish, Always up for a pose or two but she’s at that age where it’s her pose or the highway.  I love her attitude here compared to the littlest ❤

blog 3

Molly 1lr

Always remember when it all goes wrong its usually for a reason . Every storm there follows a rainbow right? Well my rainbow illuminated for me today ❤ We went back downstairs to start a different activity I made a cuppa and by the time I had got back in the room I have before me the unicorn of toddlers – a fast asleep one! Well I couldn’t not take advantage of this rarity could I? So… take two.

blog 4


Little did I know my big-little was watching me and when I was finished she produced our toy camera and boom. Gave me THE sweetest moments I’ve had all week! Its the detail, gentleness she handled her baby sister which made me so proud of her, guys she’s 4!

blog 5

blog 12

blog 7

blog 10

Just to push my luck even further, I got this when the biggest got wind of all the fun! They thought it was hilarious to pose next to her like this.

My babieslrbw


With the way things are right now these homecomings bring a whole new personal dimension for me. I’m talking weeks that’s it but I miss my parents like crazy. Imagine how Megan and Riley have Felt for the past 6 months just waiting to see their Josh again. This family was extra special as I know Megan, she’s the talent behind the incredible studio Megan Tears Photography . Here’s a little look at her journey leading up to getting her guy back.

After the build up of getting ready, pizza, cola, the store and chilling at Venicia’s with her gorgeous pups, Riley took a well deserved nap on her way out to the airfield. LOVE sleepy toddlers, they’re the B.E.S.T. When she awoke her awesome character came out to play 🙂

blog 1

blog 3

blog 2

Meet the gang, All these guys hearts were completed that day amongst many others who were there.

blog 5

blog 4

blog 6

blog 7

Go check out Sarah over at Hello, Lovely Photography for the big moment whilst I was all eyes on Lace & Noel’s reunion but I love this goodbye shot I grabbed of Megan on our way back to the car lot ❤

blog 8

Wouldn’t it be great to take inspiration from these, Anyone who’s a key worker and has been separated from their family during this time give me a bell! Let’s do this, call it my humble thank you from mine to yours!


Keep safe guys

Stay home