With the way things are right now these homecomings bring a whole new personal dimension for me. I’m talking weeks that’s it but I miss my parents like crazy. Imagine how Megan and Riley have Felt for the past 6 months just waiting to see their Josh again. This family was extra special as I know Megan, she’s the talent behind the incredible studio Megan Tears Photography . Here’s a little look at her journey leading up to getting her guy back.

After the build up of getting ready, pizza, cola, the store and chilling at Venicia’s with her gorgeous pups, Riley took a well deserved nap on her way out to the airfield. LOVE sleepy toddlers, they’re the B.E.S.T. When she awoke her awesome character came out to play 🙂

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Meet the gang, All these guys hearts were completed that day amongst many others who were there.

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Go check out Sarah over at Hello, Lovely Photography for the big moment whilst I was all eyes on Lace & Noel’s reunion but I love this goodbye shot I grabbed of Megan on our way back to the car lot ❤

blog 8

Wouldn’t it be great to take inspiration from these, Anyone who’s a key worker and has been separated from their family during this time give me a bell! Let’s do this, call it my humble thank you from mine to yours!


Keep safe guys

Stay home

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