So I set myself the challenge today to get just one shot of my toddler on my bed looking happy… d’you think I got it? Did I heck! She just wasn’t up for it…. I did get all her little details though which I was happy to settle for.

blog 1

I thought I shouldn’t push my luck with her after I got this cute pic of her, don’t want to wake the toddler beast within do I?

blog 2

Then my big-little girl popped in, She’s a different kettle of fish, Always up for a pose or two but she’s at that age where it’s her pose or the highway.  I love her attitude here compared to the littlest ❤

blog 3

Molly 1lr

Always remember when it all goes wrong its usually for a reason . Every storm there follows a rainbow right? Well my rainbow illuminated for me today ❤ We went back downstairs to start a different activity I made a cuppa and by the time I had got back in the room I have before me the unicorn of toddlers – a fast asleep one! Well I couldn’t not take advantage of this rarity could I? So… take two.

blog 4


Little did I know my big-little was watching me and when I was finished she produced our toy camera and boom. Gave me THE sweetest moments I’ve had all week! Its the detail, gentleness she handled her baby sister which made me so proud of her, guys she’s 4!

blog 5

blog 12

blog 7

blog 10

Just to push my luck even further, I got this when the biggest got wind of all the fun! They thought it was hilarious to pose next to her like this.

My babieslrbw

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