This is hands down my favourite time of the year, spring right through to Autumn…. I’m gutted that I’ve already missed the blossom and rapeseed fields but there’s so much more to come thank goodness. This session below was taken on the last day in September last year in glorious light and has to be my favourite location to date.

So what’s top of your list? After you’ve sampled your first Maccy D’s, gone to the pub and seen your friends and family, enjoyed some overdue babysitting offers and got your nails done what’s next? How are you going to really celebrate being back living in the social world? May was meant to be a huge month for us, we were finally getting married, sadly this will inevitably be postponed. May was also the month we were going to finally get the kids grandparents home after a long volunteering experience far away. When we are allowed, i’m grabbing my family and the in-laws and going to capture their reunion – they’ve been living abroad for the past 18 months and moved back to the UK five weeks ago and we haven’t been able to hug them yet! We’re going to celebrate being together again by meeting up at this gorgeous location and capture every moment. I’m so  thankful that we still have them around and fully intend to freeze this moment forever!

pic 9

pic 14

pic 12

pic 10

pic 13

pic 6

pic 3

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