I’ve been procrastinating, I’m sorry guys. I think it’s the thought of my editing pile getting smaller and smaller. I’ve never been at zero editing in my whole life! When I’m done,  then what? I’ll have no excuse but to do dreaded housework and risk becoming obsessed with meal prep and have a mission to become the next Marie Kondo or Stacie Solomon (Have you seen her gram)?!

I feel truly blessed that I get so many American clients through my doors as there is some SERIOUS talent within the bases around here yet they still come to me and for that I’m eternally thankful.

Zane 2

Zane 9

Zane’s session is what I call a lifestyle session, completely baby/child led. We capture them as if i’m spying on you guys at home so very natural pictures with real connections and play. Zane is just 7 months here, I cannot wait for his return for his birthday sessions.

They all love my vintage crib but Zane definitely found it the highlight of his playdate with me. FYI this was my actual crib when I was a baby! I get asked A LOT about where I get my amazing fitted cot sheets…. go check out Jasper & Juniper!

Zane 1

Zane 4

Zane 7

Yep, you’ve spied it, there’s a beautiful bedroom set up in these sessions  too! Zane’s outfit here is from my client wardrobe, how stinking cute does he look in that romper!

Zane 6

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