Oh it’s a different ball game now the weather has turned right? Well it is in my house. We’ve run out of steam to do schoolwork, there’s no flour to do baking, we’ve watched far too much Disney+ and we’ve eaten so many snacks its not a joke anymore.

We did this the other day in the garden when it was super hot but you can easily have this as an indoor activity.  All you need is a large window, double/king fitted white bedsheet, a camera and your kid(s)!

Harry & Molly 5lr

  • Lay your sheet on the floor length ways with the corners curled up at right angles to your window.
  • Sit your child(ten) on the sheet towards the front (where you are planning to sit and closest to the window)
  • Bring the far end of the sheet over your kids towards you and hook a corner over your head (like your enveloping them if that makes sense)?
  • get them to smile, tickle each other, lick each other whisper and you’ll get some gorgeous shots!


Molly 1lr

Harry & Molly 2lr


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