So Mothers day was a bit weird huh? How did you spend your last day of ‘freedom? We just chilled all day together. Did you know it’s the American Mothers day on 10th May? I thought I’d extend these sessions as vouchers if anyone was looking for gifts for their better half 😉

Here’s Hannah & Myla’s session, we just got it through before lockdown commenced. Aren’t they just adorable!

Hannah 6

Myla is just the spit of her beautiful mummy, she was the perfect mixture of inquisitiveness and darn right sass-monster. I love Hannah’s outfit choice, so pretty and summery and Myla is sporting a little something from the client wardrobe I have available to use.

Hannah 1

Hannah 35

I love getting all the details, not just the big show stoppers, just look at their bond! So natural.

Hannah 14

Hannah 33

Hannah 22

Hannah 17

If you would like to book your Mummy and me session via a voucher please pop along here, sessions will be scheduled as soon as restrictions are lifted.

Hannah 4


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