I couldn’t resist blogging sweet Daily’s session I did a couple of weeks ago. I loved watching her go from excited to shy to watching her masterfully wrap her momma round her wee finger when it came to getting her feet wet! (Seriously see the pic further down and the look she’s giving me)

So here it is, such a cute way to grab updated pictures of your children as they grow older if you want to bow out of being in the photos this time 🙂

Wait for it…. here’s the face!

Her daddy is currently on deployment and this is the cutest face I’ve ever seen a child make when they are talking about their dad, she’s showing me how her daddy tickles her ❤

These sessions are found here under ‘Simply You’ and can be either in the studio or out in the wild 🙂


I stand by the title here guys, I am by no means a wedding photographer – those guys are true gurus, stamina like an energiser bunny and superhero skills I could only wish for BUT I can take a picture, tell a story and document your day in a beautiful real way.

If you’re like me – a 2020 COVID-19 bride who’s had to rearrange your wedding it sucks right? I mean its no easy task rearranging your gazillion suppliers you had originally booked to one new date that they can all accommodate! Don’t even get, me started about your guests availability. Honestly I get it. It’s so stressful. If you’ve had to let your original photographer go like I did as they just couldn’t work your new date fear not – I can more than likely pick your date up as I do not schedule my diary a year in advance!

Meet Sky & Nathan, this is their beautiful wedding mid November last year and here are my favourite 10 frames from that day in no particular odrer


Hands up if you’ve seen my outdoor sessions and been all set to grab one then realised I like to shoot these sessions AFTER the kids bedtime? I know its crazy and actually quite scary to break routine but take it from me its so blooming worth it! Don’t believe me? Here it is in Sam’s words and she’s a mum to three littles AND nurse so i rate her as the Oracle!

“We’ve had photos taken by Laura before (I think these were our 6th session!) so we’re pretty good at picking outfits that will fit now although this was our 1st outdoor session! I tried to pick things that the kids would normally wear so the photos look more natural and Laura is always great at sending suggestions. “

“We met Laura just after half 6 so we could start our session around 6.45.The kids were so excited about getting to stay up late! We made sure they’d had a good tea so they weren’t hungry, and they were well ready to run and play! At no point did it feel like a posed photo shoot, the kids had an absolute ball and would happily have stayed out much longer than the hour we were there for! I don’t think they realised that photos were being taken half the time they were having so much fun.”

” The light at that time was beautiful and the kids loved dancing, running in and out of the trees and playing with mummy and daddy and their baby brother. He was also fine being up later and Laura is awesome at getting the best out of slightly grumpy teething babes! The sneak peaks that we have seen are gorgeous and 100% worth pushing bedtime for! “

These guys were either full of cuddles or goofing about the whole session, exactly how it should be right? A couple of favourites of mine names by Lucas, age 7.

The koala hug

And the Poo pose…..

Any questions please ask away or you can book your outdoor family session right here!