I stand by the title here guys, I am by no means a wedding photographer – those guys are true gurus, stamina like an energiser bunny and superhero skills I could only wish for BUT I can take a picture, tell a story and document your day in a beautiful real way.

If you’re like me – a 2020 COVID-19 bride who’s had to rearrange your wedding it sucks right? I mean its no easy task rearranging your gazillion suppliers you had originally booked to one new date that they can all accommodate! Don’t even get, me started about your guests availability. Honestly I get it. It’s so stressful. If you’ve had to let your original photographer go like I did as they just couldn’t work your new date fear not – I can more than likely pick your date up as I do not schedule my diary a year in advance!

Meet Sky & Nathan, this is their beautiful wedding mid November last year and here are my favourite 10 frames from that day in no particular odrer

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