As the nights roll in and I sit here feeling slightly smug that I’ve just finished all my Christmas mini editing… I cant stop feeling the impending excitement of Christmas teetering round the corner and my heart is torn. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE Christmas, mainly watching my kids experience the excitement and all the unplugged family time we get but my heart always aches at this time of the year, Autumn is my season and its nearly over. I love everything about it, the light, the colours, the snuggliness of it and its almost gone!

Henry’s session was at the height of Autumn, the perfect moment when the heather has turned from purple to rust complimenting the wild pine trees in the background. This location is just dreamy and my joint top favourite Autumn location to shoot at.

We had already had to reschedule this session due to the unusually high amount of rain we’ve had during October, but the iPhone promised glorious dry weather between 5pm and sundown and I was blindly trusting it accuracy (THE perfect time to shoot – golden hour where the light is soft, warm in tones)

As I set out there was a dark cloud above Cambridge and then I drove into a torrential rainstorm. I had faith in the weather forecast and continued to that small strip of blue I could see on the horizon and boy I’m glad I did.

Meet Henry. He was not up for playing hide and seek in the pine trees but as soon as we learnt the secret to Henry’s motivation was most definitely snacks he was putty in our hands. Enjoy ❤

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