I first met Grace’s mummy when I was looking for a local wreath maker who could turn my Pinterest desires into reality, yes Caroline can totally do this but I also found a really good friend! FYI you can find her homemade wreaths and candle business right here Grace Mila Bespoke Wreaths.

*** Plug alert*** but her stuff is just beautiful and perfect for Christmas gift right now if you could part with them once you’ve bought them that is….

Anyway, I diverse…. Caroline mentioned she had a lake at the bottom of her garden I was like ‘oh wow’ but totally imagined there was a housing estate surrounding it but no just the dreamiest setting for an autumn sunset if ever I did see so obviously we HAD to do a session there earlier last month.

Little Grace is amazingly sassy, funny, crazy and VERY motivated by snacks. She has a heart of gold and her mummy and daddy aren’t half bad either 😉 Hope you enjoy my favourite frames from their session

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