What’s holding you back from booking that family session? For me it was the norm, lack of self confidence. It was about 18 months ago, my littlest baby was approaching 2 and I was trawling through the thousands of pictures I have of my kids to find a nice one of me and her together to pop on her obligatory Facebook birthday post. Could I find even one? NO. NOPE. NADDA. I was quite shocked to be honest.

As I scrolled through my phone, as you do I struggled to find any photos of myself, it was like I didn’t actually exist. I’d always said to myself when I loose some weight I’ll get them done but at this point I wasn’t loosing any excess digits anytime soon so I decided to bite the bullet and get in the frame just the way I was and actually I was pleasantly surprised with the results. The main thing, there were finally photos of me with my babies and I treasure these pictures so much. Its now becoming our yearly tradition to get our family pictures taken every September, after everyone has turned another year older so we can see the changes over the years.

Summer sessions are full of floaty dresses bare feet and golden lighting, spring are a bright and airy affair, autumn, well they’re all the cosy feels aren’t they but winter, well this time of year can produce the most beautiful variety of images from a golden afternoon light, as pictured below to a misty fog setting: each stunning in their own right, check out this session of Jillian and Brad with their gorgeous trio of boys who every time we meet, melt my heart this session was taken early December to give you an Idea of temperatures, this was the day after that one day of snow we all got, you can still see the ice on the ground!.

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