With the way things are right now these homecomings bring a whole new personal dimension for me. I’m talking weeks that’s it but I miss my parents like crazy. Imagine how Megan and Riley have Felt for the past 6 months just waiting to see their Josh again. This family was extra special as I know Megan, she’s the talent behind the incredible studio Megan Tears Photography . Here’s a little look at her journey leading up to getting her guy back.

After the build up of getting ready, pizza, cola, the store and chilling at Venicia’s with her gorgeous pups, Riley took a well deserved nap on her way out to the airfield. LOVE sleepy toddlers, they’re the B.E.S.T. When she awoke her awesome character came out to play 🙂

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Meet the gang, All these guys hearts were completed that day amongst many others who were there.

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Go check out Sarah over at Hello, Lovely Photography for the big moment whilst I was all eyes on Lace & Noel’s reunion but I love this goodbye shot I grabbed of Megan on our way back to the car lot ❤

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Wouldn’t it be great to take inspiration from these, Anyone who’s a key worker and has been separated from their family during this time give me a bell! Let’s do this, call it my humble thank you from mine to yours!


Keep safe guys

Stay home



Toddlers are pickle right! I have always dreaded them coming into a session that is until now….. Meet Riley, She’s SO cute and energetic, she flits from place to place exploring and my Lifestyle set up has been the perfect place to let her be free!

TIP ONE | Set up an invitation to play

For Riley’s session we had lots of areas to play with but to keep her happy, herself and most importantly in one place I set up ONE play zone at a time. This one we used a sweet carry-playhouse and a couple of grimes people.

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TIP TWO | Work fast

Two year olds have the attention span of a fish… expect this to be over in two minutes or under! Work quick, get the details to give you a great story of the ‘session’

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TIP THREE | Sneeze, like REAL loud!

When you work this way these guys get so involved in what they are exploring getting eye contact is like spotting a giraffe in the jungle so my top tip is fake sneeze REAL loud and they’ll look up 🙂

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TIP FOUR | Get off your bum-bum

Get all the angles! Get up, stand, move around. Make it a game – ‘where’s mummy now’ kinda thing. That way you’ll get great shots and really different shots of basically the same thing 🙂

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TIP FIVE | Pick your timing

Don’t set out to do pictures when its nearly lunch or nap time! This will never end well. Believe me it ends up with a whole lots of tears and you needing a lie down or a swift gin….

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Good luck! let me know how it goes! I’m planning on taking my own advice and trying to document our time together with as little tears as possible! Sometime you have to just go with the flow though and get them at their best – having fun and being cheeky 🙂

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Carry-Playhouse – Oli Ella

People – Grimms Wooden Toys

Rainbow – Oyoy Living Design

Cot Sheet – Jasper & Juniper


Lacy is crazy. I mean she actually pulled her amazing plan off the other week! She has three children, Conner, Jameson & Caroline all five and under! On top of this her husband has been deployed for the last six months and for four of those months Conner (5) has been asking daily when his daddy is coming home! So Lacy decided to keep daddy’s return as a surprise from the kids right up to the moment they saw him in front of them!

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Could you imagine how crazy this bunch would have been had they known why they were standing up in the air field in the freezing cold? The cover story was they were there to see a big plane. I love it, keep it vague and simple. Job well done Lacy ❤

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So here it is, Lacy’s amazing plan in action, I love everything about it but man Connor really made me cry ❤

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Oh man, here’s the second chapter of the military homecomings I documented the other week. Meet Noel and Adalynn, you can just feel the nervousness and apprehension Noel was feeling building up to her reunion. I mean 6 months away from your man is hard going right and then add into the mix your little lady and how she’ll react to the moment she see’s her daddy!

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It’s strange the minutes leading up to Montana’s arrival the temperature dropped big time there was barely a dry eye on the airfield from emotions or the wind! It was so awesome seeing the moment Noel saw Montana, her face just lit up so beautifully.  We saw pretty much everyone reunite before she spotted him. If you wanna see a real life love actually airport moment, keep scrolling ❤

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