What’s holding you back from booking that family session? For me it was the norm, lack of self confidence. It was about 18 months ago, my littlest baby was approaching 2 and I was trawling through the thousands of pictures I have of my kids to find a nice one of me and her together to pop on her obligatory Facebook birthday post. Could I find even one? NO. NOPE. NADDA. I was quite shocked to be honest.

As I scrolled through my phone, as you do I struggled to find any photos of myself, it was like I didn’t actually exist. I’d always said to myself when I loose some weight I’ll get them done but at this point I wasn’t loosing any excess digits anytime soon so I decided to bite the bullet and get in the frame just the way I was and actually I was pleasantly surprised with the results. The main thing, there were finally photos of me with my babies and I treasure these pictures so much. Its now becoming our yearly tradition to get our family pictures taken every September, after everyone has turned another year older so we can see the changes over the years.

Summer sessions are full of floaty dresses bare feet and golden lighting, spring are a bright and airy affair, autumn, well they’re all the cosy feels aren’t they but winter, well this time of year can produce the most beautiful variety of images from a golden afternoon light, as pictured below to a misty fog setting: each stunning in their own right, check out this session of Jillian and Brad with their gorgeous trio of boys who every time we meet, melt my heart this session was taken early December to give you an Idea of temperatures, this was the day after that one day of snow we all got, you can still see the ice on the ground!.


I first met Grace’s mummy when I was looking for a local wreath maker who could turn my Pinterest desires into reality, yes Caroline can totally do this but I also found a really good friend! FYI you can find her homemade wreaths and candle business right here Grace Mila Bespoke Wreaths.

*** Plug alert*** but her stuff is just beautiful and perfect for Christmas gift right now if you could part with them once you’ve bought them that is….

Anyway, I diverse…. Caroline mentioned she had a lake at the bottom of her garden I was like ‘oh wow’ but totally imagined there was a housing estate surrounding it but no just the dreamiest setting for an autumn sunset if ever I did see so obviously we HAD to do a session there earlier last month.

Little Grace is amazingly sassy, funny, crazy and VERY motivated by snacks. She has a heart of gold and her mummy and daddy aren’t half bad either 😉 Hope you enjoy my favourite frames from their session


As the nights roll in and I sit here feeling slightly smug that I’ve just finished all my Christmas mini editing… I cant stop feeling the impending excitement of Christmas teetering round the corner and my heart is torn. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE Christmas, mainly watching my kids experience the excitement and all the unplugged family time we get but my heart always aches at this time of the year, Autumn is my season and its nearly over. I love everything about it, the light, the colours, the snuggliness of it and its almost gone!

Henry’s session was at the height of Autumn, the perfect moment when the heather has turned from purple to rust complimenting the wild pine trees in the background. This location is just dreamy and my joint top favourite Autumn location to shoot at.

We had already had to reschedule this session due to the unusually high amount of rain we’ve had during October, but the iPhone promised glorious dry weather between 5pm and sundown and I was blindly trusting it accuracy (THE perfect time to shoot – golden hour where the light is soft, warm in tones)

As I set out there was a dark cloud above Cambridge and then I drove into a torrential rainstorm. I had faith in the weather forecast and continued to that small strip of blue I could see on the horizon and boy I’m glad I did.

Meet Henry. He was not up for playing hide and seek in the pine trees but as soon as we learnt the secret to Henry’s motivation was most definitely snacks he was putty in our hands. Enjoy ❤


Yes the good ‘C’ word… CHRISTMAS! I just love this years set up, I’ve tried to keep it close to my heart using earthy tones with a touch of twinkle meaning you can use the images all year round if you want!

Meet Reu. Funny story…. he only came to keep his sister happy whilst she modelled for these promo shots however Mabel had other ideas… mainly to play outside the set area. So Reu eagerly stepped up, squeezed himself into 12-18 month clothes and performed like a pro!

I have just four of these beauties up for grabs at various times over Thursday 28th and Friday 30th October half term which i’d love to fill, here’s the link to the times. SHOP

Ive split them into two pricing brackets:

Elf package – £150 including 5 digital downloads of your choice

Santa package – £200 including 10 digital downloads (or the full gallery however many that ends up being but a minimum of 10)

Here’s Reu in action….


Those of you who know me KNOW I love yellow. Well more mustard to be exact but this love makes me gaga over sunflower fields and rapeseed fields! The colours and tones are eye porn to me 😉

Meet Catherine and Marc and their crazy, energetic, gorgeous spoglets, Peggy and Rudi. We had so much fun at this session, uncharacteristically Rudi was star pupil however Peggy….. well what can I say if only we knew dancing was her motivator at the start of the session to distract her from all the running! Here’s a few highlights from their session over at Hitchin Lavender.


So, I spend A LOT of time scrolling through these stores Online catalogs that I thought it may be a good idea to pop a quick blog up about kids clothing ideas – these are ideal for outdoor sessions and my upcoming Christmas studio sessions (If you haven’t got one yet, grab one before its too late right here)

So Great places to start are H&M, ZARA, NEXT, Green Berry Kids and Little Cotton Clothes They also do REALLY cute coats – not a parka or puffa in sight!

I’ve picked out some cute pieces to give you a good idea and divided them up into age groups…

PYJAMAS 1. £11-18 NEXT 2. £16.99 ZARA 3. £11-14 NEXT 4. £16-19 NEXT 5. £13-18 NEXT 6. £10.99 ZARA 7. £10.99 ZARA 8. £10.99 ZARA.

BABY GIRL 1. £22.50 ZARA 2. £16.99 ZARA 3. £14.99 H&M 4. £25 Little Cotton Clothes 5. £19.99 ZARA 6. £22.99 ZARA 7. £7.99 ZARA 8. £17.50 Little Cotton Clothes 9. £27.50 Little Cotton Clothes 10. ZARA.

YOUNGER BOYS 1. £12.99 H&M 2. £16.99 H&M 3. £14.99 ZARA 4. £216.99 ZARA 5. £14.99 ZARA 6. £19.99 ZARA 7. £14.99 H&M 8. £17.99 H&M

YOUNGER GIRLS 1. £19.99 ZARA 2. £16.99 ZARA 3. £22.99 ZARA 4. £14.99 ZARA 5. £10.99 ZARA 6. £16.99 ZARA 7. £14.99 ZARA 8. £10.99 ZARA 9. £14.99 ZARA 10. £14.99 ZARA 11. ZAR 12. £24.99 H&M.

OLDER BOYS 1. £16.99 ZARA 2. £14.99 ZARA 3. £14.99 ZARA 4. £13.00 H&M 5. £14.99 ZARA 6. £5.99 ZARA 7. £12.99 ZARA.

OLDER GIRLS 1. £29.99 ZARA 2. £16.99 ZARA 3. £22.99 ZARA 4. £14.99 ZARA 5. £22.99 ZARA 6. £19.99 ZARA 7. £7.99 ZARA 8. £19.99 H&M 9. £27.50 Little Cotton Clothes 10. £17.99 H&M 11. £60 Little Cotton Clothes 12. £19.99 H&M 13. £37.50 Little Cotton Clothes

BABY BOY 1. £46 Green Berry Kids 2. £39 Green Berry Kids 3. £28 Next 4. ZARA 5. ZARA 6. £19.99 H&M 7. £19.99 H&M 8. £32 Next 9. H&M 10. H&M 11. £46 Green Berry Kids 12. £19.99 H&M 13. £12.99 H&M 14. £16.99 ZARA 15. £17.99 H&M 16. £8.99 H&M 17. £14.99 ZARA 18. £14.99 ZARA 19.£17.99 H&M 20. ZARA 21. £22.99 ZARA.